The Forbidden One greets you.

Greetings from the Forbidden One. I wish to thank you and everyone else who has ever read the Exciting Breeding Journal. Every email from a visitor, comment from a vassal, and mention on the Internet has not gone unnoticed by the All-Seeing Eye. You think I, the Supreme Overlord of Ice, would let you escape my perception?! I see you, and your following has brought the Tanaka Empire great hope and prosperity. For that we are eternally grateful.

From this day forward, the Exciting Breeding Journal is under copyleft. This way, any member of the Empire may share and add their findings to the Journal. I will no longer update the Journal regularly, so if it must live on, it shall do so through you. You may still contact me through my email address, but know that I will not check it regularly.

And before I say farewell, fiends, remember: Pride! Conceit! Courage! Insolence! Fearful of nothing! Daunted by nothing! Let us laugh uproariously! That is Gundham Tanaka! I shall stick with my evil until the very end! Open Sesame, Pandaemonium! I shall fill hell with true hell! FUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!