Hamster Management, Husbandry, and Colony Health
This is one chapter in a book about the use and handling of rodents and rabbits in a laboratory setting. It documents optimal management of captive Syrian hamsters, but the dry writing may deter the faint of spirit. Here is a direct PDF download.
Erin's Hamster Shopping List
Erin lists everything one would need in order to begin caring for a hamster. I never would have guessed they favor toilet paper as bedding. (I buy whatever's cheapest.)
Hamster Central
My preferred hamster-focused forum. Username: gundham
Hamster Hideout
A hamster resource website based in Singapore. Comprehensive but difficult to navigate.

Web Finds

Hamster Dance
A mirror of Deidre LaCarte's famous website. The one that started it all.
3D Pipes
A simulation of the eponymous Windows screensaver. I would make this my site background if I could.
This web tool allows researchers to access otherwise forbidden knowledge. It has made my quest for earthly understanding more bearable.
The photo editor I use for simple tasks like cropping and resizing.
The Satanic Temple
A religion based in science and compassion. I am not officially a member of the Temple, but I do agree with its teachings.
A Visitor’s Guide to Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell
Unholy truths are are now more accessible than ever, thanks in part to this article by Matt Stagg.
Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough New!
I ordered an envelope of sourdough starter from here, for only the cost of stamps. I have yet to make anything with it.

Audio Fiction

In which two men go through hell attempting to find each other. I had minor problems with the show's pacing, but I appreciated the candid and respectful portrayal of its subject matter.
Brimstone Valley Mall (NSFW)
In which members of a demonic band deal with the events leading up to their most important gig. While the show has excellent humor overall, I found the in-universe mall announcements especially biting.

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