Journal — October 2020

30 October

I never have understood "Halloween." Puny humans fear the grisly and the macabre for most of the year. Once October rolls around, however, they decide that it is to be celebrated with cheap fabric and corn syrup. Appalling. That aside, I may do well to find another vassal. My infernal presence may not be enough for my first.

25 October

Rejoice, for my familiar is safe! Yesterday he left his territory to do…something. What he found so necessary to do outside was unfortunate, but it has been taken care of.

24 October

He has vanished. I have searched his abode, and I have searched mine, but my vassal is nowhere to be found. Did one of us not fulfill our end of our bargain? Must all affairs between demons and angels come to this? Trouble is brewing, fiends, and I must stop it before it boils over.

22 October

My underling is increasing in both size and power. He spends his daylight hours in his chamber, but if his great strength grows much further, it may no longer hold up. When he first came under my protection, I would not have predicted such exponential growth from his end.

19 October

The Hall of Bone is complete. My minion has hidden away in his new chamber. Who knows what he could be plotting?

12 October

I have returned, mortals. Yesterday, as I made my way through the material plane, I saw a fellow half-demon attempt to summon a familiar. Her ritual chanting was acceptable, but her offering, which appeared to be gyoza with garlic chives, was not. While humans can safely consume allium plants, most hellspawn cannot. Refrain from feeding your familiars anything with garlic or onion, as it will weaken them to the point where they may return to the nether.

10 October

My familiar has taken to becoming…familiar. With my skeletal structure. And I do not like it. I shall build him a space to crawl in, but I must first acquire sufficiently bony material.

08 October

That time of year has come again. It's devil-faced melon season. Today I cleaned one out and fried the seeds to share with my underling. However, I must make further offerings with caution, as he may reject his feed if given too many.

05 October

I apologize for not keeping up with this journal on a daily basis. Yesterday I took my minion out to buy bedding after he found his way up my shirt sleeve. I hadn't noticed his presence until we were chased out of the establishment for it. I do not fault him, for he is a creature of the nether. He must certainly miss its bony architecture.

02 October

Today was my first full day with my new underling. He remained dormant for most of it. I left him an offering of rice along with one of his meals, and he seemed pleased with it.

01 October

Rejoice, for today is auspicious! Not every demon is as fortunate as I to have a guardian angel. Fewer are as fortunate to be granted a familiar by one. I have forged a new bond with a Syrian hamster, who has since entered my care. He has wisely chosen not to reveal his true name to me.