Journal — November 2020

30 November

Reading up on breeding has been no less than uncomfortable, but it is my duty to listen to whatever nature says. I, as their watchful lord, must find a safe opportunity to unite Him-E with Cham-P. And make sure they don't injure each other during their time together. Unntil then, my vassals must dwell on separate fiefs in order not to throw their surroundings into disarray.

27 November

The aforementioned resource page is complete. It is scheduled to reach the Empire at the beginning of the next moon. For now, however, I have pumpkin seeds to fry. My minions hunger for them.

24 November

Cham-P and Him-E are warming up to me and to each other. They have yet to warm up to my guardian angel, but she is their angel too. Light and darkness serve to counter each other, yes, but who's to say we cannot have more alliances? The material plane is difficult to travel by oneself, more so when you are not of this earth!

21 November

Earthly life is suffering. I have been in some pain as of late, but not enough to keep me from caring for my companions. They are doing well. Once it subsides, I shall work on a resource page.

18 November

My underlings have taken their roles as underlings very seriously. When I went to replace Him-E's bedding, she crawled up my shirt sleeve and into my pocket. Changing out bedding is difficult with a rodent on your person, so I have turned the Hall of Bones into a temporary shelter.

15 November

I was going to acquire more bedding for my minions today, but I would not have been able to walk it home in the pouring rain. Before you ask: No, I do not melt upon contact with water. That would be ridiculous.

13 November

Today is a day of great misgiving, according to certain groups of humans. Why do they fear mere numbers? Days like these have never presented problems for me, but I may be immune to earthly curses.

10 November

There is nothing to "keep you posted" about, as all is going well in our little empire. In fact, all may be going too well. The content of the Exciting Breeding Journal has been…less than exciting. What might enlighten the mortal mind?

06 November

Him-E seems to be settling in nicely. She and Cham-P currently live as neighbors, but may become something more. This will take some time, so I shall "keep you posted."

03 November

My duties as an overlord expand today. I now have another familiar, or as Cham-P has informed me, "Him-E." When I went out to seal my contract with her, the air was cold and the wind blew hard, so I wore a scarf. While I have since removed said scarf, Him-E has not left it since.

01 November

My minion has revealed his true name to me. As he does not wish the weight of such accursed knowledge on mortals, he requested that I refer to him here as "Cham-P." I cleaned and cooked more pumpkin. Cham-P shall dine on the seeds, and I shall make a dessert out of the mesocarp. Here is the recipe.

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