Journal — February 2021

28 February

Lately I have been spending more time with my vassals, especially San-D. The opportunity to watch her grow up is a pleasure. Yesterday she successfully did her first dark spell! I am proud of her. Her parents are proud of her. We are all proud of her.

22 February

The litter's last relocation is being finalized. A recent email exchange reminded me of a letter I received. It was an invitation that I'm wary to accept, as the organization involved might be fraudulent. My mail-order sourdough starter was more interesting, too.

19 February

I apologize for my silence in recent times. Between my recent condition and the state of our brood, I have been offline. Most of our litter was relocated for their safety, so the Empire has shrunk again.

13 February

I am feeling somewhat better now. Last night I saw my underlings for the first time in days, and they seemed pleased by my visit. Our angel worries for my future, but for as long as I remain on this earth, I do not need divine intervention.

10 February

I may have come down with something. I have entrusted the Empire's guardian angel to watch over our smaller members so that they may not catch whatever I might have. Blasted corporeal forms. Did I ask for one after being drafted from Hell?!

06 February

Yesterday I saw a rat while I was out. Humans carried them across entire oceans with the rest of their filth. The little beasts have wrought havoc on ecosystems and societies everywhere they went, yet somehow, they're so…cute. I could not bring a rat into the Empire even if I wanted to, because of the pestilence they bear. The angel who has so kindly sheltered us would smite it where it stood.

04 February

I have an update on our manifestation situation. According to Him-E, it was the cinnamon banded pup. She senses a burgeoning dark energy within this pup, and has since named her "San-D." She wishes to keep San-D within the physical Empire.

01 February

Breaking: One of Cham-P and Him-E's offspring saw their power manifest for the first time. I am not yet sure which fief it came from, so I will have to investigate.

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