Journal — March 2021

30 March

Need I apologize for my silence? My minions and I have spent the week preparing for our greatest battle yet: transferring schools. Fuhahahaha! We shall grow into the greatest force of evil known to mankind!

24 March

Cham-P's great evil is gluttony. I shall adapt his diet and find him a larger exercise wheel.

21 March

The vernal equinox has sprung, and so has Cham-P's weight. Just how much energy does he need to sustain his powers? Between his mass and his recent silence, Cham-P must be preparing for a great evil.

18 March

A Neocities mutual asked about despair or hope. The letter was from a Hope's Peak, so I wonder if the two are correlated.

15 March

Spring break has sprung, but the actual vernal equinox has yet to spring. The Empire finally knows peace again.

12 March

Chi-B's human is expected to return for him on the morrow. Under separation from the fiefs, Chi-B is less aggressive, but he still ran away again. I expect not to encounter more major problems from here.

In other news, I keep thinking about that letter. It promises a lifetime of success to all who accept, and declares me the "Ultimate Breeder," but those words mean nothing without action. I must choose to accept or decline the offer soon, so I shall investigate the matter further.

09 March

Chi-B has left his confines five times since he stepped foot in Empire territory. To make matters worse, he and San-D do not seem to like each other. I will have to move Chi-B to keep a closer eye on him. This is unacceptable behavior, especially for a guest.

06 March

A human asked me to care for their Roborovski hamster, Chi-B, while they go out. For what is none of my business, so long as I show Chi-B the best hospitality the Empire has to offer!

03 March

San-D's power levels rise faster than any of us expected! She has already mastered a few of the spells she learned, and continues to amaze the other residents of the Empire. Even though I do not plan to relinquish my position as the Supreme Overlord anytime soon, it would be wisest for me to take extra caution with San-D.

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