Journal — April 2021

28 March

This week I have moved on from working with birds of prey, but not from Him-E's departure. In other news, I have narrowed down who the Academy's attending low-level demon might be. I fear nothing but have prepared for the worst.

25 March

Him-E's absence is difficult for all of us. It's even worse when you were the one responsible for her loss. While I know Hell is her home, and she is much more powerful there, the rest of us are chained to this Earth. We miss her sorely.

22 March

I bring you terrible news today. Him-E has been eaten by the eagle-owl I had been working with. I thought she was back with the others during the owl's feeding time, and it may have mistaken her for prey? Everything happened so fast. She is survived by Cham-P and San-D, whom I will now keep on my person so long as they are out with me.

19 March

Some of you previously inquired about a "Nagito," and I have asked him about you. He claims to recognize each of you vaguely and to want to meet again, but he keeps blathering about how he does not want to bring you misfortune. That aside, this week I will learn about other birds of prey. Something tells me this knowledge will be useful in the future.

16 March

The wildlife I work with at school are not the only specimens to catch my interest. I sense the energy of a low-level demon, but have not yet confirmed their identity.

13 March

Tch. How lowly of me. I got so wrapped up in my studies that I forgot to record them. They are, however, truly fascinating. Last week, I began to work with wildlife. I had never been so close to an owl before yesterday. Of course, my minions were terrified, and rightfully so. A creature with as much majesty and as little intelligence as an owl is not one to be reckoned with.

04 March

Today I took my underlings to see the cherry blossoms. We discussed love, sacrifice, and ephemerality over celery. Is two weeks of beauty worth death in the other fifty? Unfortunately I do not have pictures.

01 April

School. School never changes. What was I excited for? Hell is in the mind of the damned, and this Academy is my Gehenna.

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