Journal — September 2021

Every entry here was written before being publicly uploaded. Pardon the inconvenience.

30 September

Today's practical exams had the desired results at the wrong time. Around noon, the Hell Hound broke free of her bonds. At first my search for her felt largely in vain, but that changed when I found her. It seemed that she surpassed her previous mortal limits, having returned to her original size! A shame I wasn't there to witness it when I was scheduled to take my exam. We were scheduled for 1:45.

24 September

Tonight is the last night of Tsukimi. No mooncakes have been spared from the Empire's slaughter. In other news, San-D seems to be carrying pups of her own! I must watch her carefully, and am glad I cleaned her nest out earlier. I will not be able to touch it from here.

21 September

Do you remember the twenty-first night of September? I do. It marks the first night of the Tsukimi, the Mid-Autumn Festival. Thusly, it is the perfect night on which to share and eat mooncakes. (While normally I have recipes for the foods I mention, mooncakes are not generally something one makes themself.)

15 September

Kiss kiss, fall into the abyss. I do not know what possessed me to write this.

12 September

Devils below, something is wrong with me. The low-level demon I detected may be a succubus, which makes exchanges with her somewhat difficult. She holds wisdom disproportionate to her demonic ranking. I suspect she has great power yet to be awakened.

09 September

I seldom attend homeroom, as I see no point if every student is working on something different. Today, I was called to meet our new homeroom teacher. She had no wisdom for us, but she did elect our class president. Be happy?

06 September

The Dread Bear Grizzner is a recent ally of the Tanaka Empire. We made an agreement that he would help me harness the latent power of the Hell Hound for my upcoming practical exam.

01 September

With pumpkin spice season comes my return to school. Hell shall grow ever colder as the season goes by.

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