Journal — October 2021

31 October

Today is a dark day. The Devas and I are nearing greater power than ever before, with San-D's pups showing promise. Meanwhile, enjoy two new recipes that have sustained the Empire up to this point.

23 October

THE TIME HAS COME. San-D has borne three pups. Today, take the time to acknowledge the miracle of life and its part in the natural order.

15 October

And we are back to our usual programming. Check the site for updates. The Devas have predicted that things will only grow stranger from here…

09 October

The Destroyer and I meet again. I brought her another offering, which she promptly chewed the squeaker out of.

03 October

The Empire found itself another ally, one to rival the Hell Hound! The Destroyer is forty-seven pounds of muscle and raw energy, and has been on the material plane for three years. I brought her an offering that brought her satisfaction. In other news, San-D has borne her pups. She and I must take care of them.

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