Recipe Directory

Every recipe here will either be vegetarian or adaptable to a vegetarian diet.


Matcha Latte Oat Bran
A breakfast of champions, if not a bit lacking in protein. One of the few ways I eat my oatmeal sweet instead of savory.
A soup containing vegetables and mochi. Traditionally the first meal one eats on New Year's Day.

Side Dishes

Kabocha Nimono
Simmered kabocha pumpkin. Simple and sweet.


Pumpkin Crunch
A Tanaka family recipe. The perfect end to an autumnal dinner.


Fried Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds, lightly fried. An offering favored by Syrian hamsters.


Mochi made with the aid of a blender. Tastes nearly as good as it would freshly pounded, with next to none of the work.
Ants on a Log
A simple snack for after school or a long day of negotiations. Neither ants nor logs are actually involved.