Journal — January 2021

28 January

Now that I have separated each member of Cham-P and Him-E's litter, I can clean their mother's property. So long as they were with her, she would make violent threats if I came too close. Ha! Who lends her the fief on which she resides? Who sustains her abominable abilities? I do! Our exchange of power is mutual, yes, and I understand how difficult parenthood is, but… The squalor it became. Appalling. As part of my responsibilities as an overlord, of course I cleaned it. Thoroughly. I know just how negligent humanity can be, so listen well: Manage what you must before it spirals out of what little control you have. Smaller rounds of routine care are much easier than tackling everything at once.

25 January

Him-E has raised a mighty fine brood. It will be some time before they fully mature, but they can already take care of themselves. They should be ready to make deals with mortals by the beginning of next month.

22 January

The time Cham-P asked of me isn't a terrible burden. In fact, it had been a while since it was just the two of us. Him-E and her little hellspawn took up enough of my time to not give him the time he deserved from me.

20 January

Cham-P complains of loneliness. While I cannot indulge such a thought from such an absent father, one cannot deny others compassion in times of need.

16 January

Ever since his offspring started to walk, Cham-P has craved my presence. His demands for my time are very vague, so there is not much within my otherwise supreme power I can do to help. In other news, a larger brood means a need for more resources. I have thus allied myself with an empire larger than my own.

13 January

For once in my mortal life, I find myself at a loss for words. Sometimes I wonder if my content bores you fiends. That being said, I must start planning for adoptions and separate fiefs.

07 January

Good morrow. All is going well in the Empire except with my email server of choice. If any of you have made inquiries on our litter, then I have not yet seen them, and I shall get back to you as soon as I am able.

04 January

Good news, everyone! Cham-P and Him-E's brood is growing up healthy, and will likely be as powerful as their parents. Some of them have even opened their eyes and ears today. Not-so-good news: Cham-P is hardly involved in their growth. I know it's to be expected from Syrian hamsters, but it displeases me nonetheless.

01 January

Good day, fiends. If you need comfort coming into 2021, I have a soup recipe for you. Here's to another lousy year.

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