Journal — December 2020

29 December

Silence is golden, but I still feel obligated to apologize for not keeping my word. We at the Empire have been observing the progeny of my vassals, who have finally grown fur! Contact me if you are interested in adopting one.

22 December

The time has come. All hell has broken loose as the Empire expands. Cham-P and Him-E now have five little hellspawn! I shall share pictures once it is safe for me to do so, but I must continue to keep my distance for now.

19 December

The time draws near. Prepare your puny souls for hell on Earth.

16 December

Do not clean Him-E's fief. Do not clean Him-E's fief. Do not clean Him-E's fief. Do not cleam Him-E's fief. Do not clean Him-E's fief. She would not like to be disturbed. Just feed her and leave.

14 December

One night some years ago, an angel and a demon kept a tryst in the material plane. The demon was free to return to Hell, but the angel was doomed to stay until she had borne their child. On this day all those years ago, the demon's spawn was brought unto the earth. The angel has since worked tirelessly to keep it from turning out like its father. If you wish to mark this unholy anniversary, throw a Bionicle Birthday Bash with guidance from Cool Reece.

If you came for a proper log: Him-E has been uncharacteristically but understandably irritable. I have advised Cham-P to keep his distance.

10 December

I never thought I would see the day Him-E would eat more than Cham-P. She hungers and she feeds, but that is to be expected with recent developments. In other news, I removed the strange ads from mortal viewing. You fiends are no longer bound to capital temptation.

08 December

Good news: Him-E seems to be well. Cham-P and I shall continue to keep an eye on her. Bad news: Winter is coming and I have not worked hard enough to prepare. Strange news: There are now what appear to be advertisements on my landing page, but I do not know how they got there. Future tampering will result in a temporary closing or relocation of this journal.

04 December

It was excruciating, every second of it. An overlord must ensure the safety of their vassals, but today it came with a cost. If all goes well, though, the empire is set to expand in three weeks' time.

01 December

My minions and the angel have enjoyed the pumpkin seeds. If you too wish to please your allies, here is how I prepared them.

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